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All Seems Beautiful: Chapter 10

Hi kits! I've returned from Japan. While I was there, I updated All Seems Beautiful with chapter 7, 8, and 9, but was not able to post here with the announcement. Now that I'm backed, I've skipped right ahead to the most recent chapter - Chapter 10 - and linked to the three previous chapters. Hope you enjoy reading! - Fizz

Title: All Seems Beautiful
Category: Digimon Adventure
Rating: T (may go up)

Genre: Adventure/Drama/Romance
After a bizarre incident, Taichi discovers he's vanishing from his own world and becoming a part of the Digital World. Meanwhile, the Chosen take hits from every corner - an enemy at home, and an enemy (or two, or several) on the digital plane. To top that off, they can't manage to keep their personal lives from getting tangled up. As thy are pelted by complication after complication, the Chosen must put their faith in themselves and in their friends to the test. To quote the ever-eloquent Daisuke: 'Today sucks.'
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All Seems Beautiful

Chapter Ten
For Every Action

“At the entrance, my bare feet on the dirt floor, Here, gusts of heat; at my back, white clouds. I stare and stare.
It seems I was called for this: To glorify things just because they are.”
- Czeslaw Milosz

He hadn’t hiked twenty minutes before his first trial presented itself. With ray guns.

“What are you, exactly – a reject from Star Trek?”

The stringy Digimon rolled eyes the size of tennis balls towards the sky. His enormous head (how in the world did the rest of him keep it from toppling him over?) throbbed around the curves and ridges of lavender-colored (amusingly so) brain matter. Pinched lips sucked the air, collapsing what thin film of cheeks he had.

“I am Vademon,” the Digimon said imperiously.

As in Darth?

“I was beginning to think you were going to be a no-show. Very rude, you know; if you’re going to cancel an appointment you should give 24-hour’s notice.”

“Ah, you’re that guy. The one who tried to steal Koushirou’s curiosity. What a spectacular failure that was, not that I really blame you. I’m not sure there is an end to the amount Koushirou thinks. He’s like a bottomless pit of – of thinkings.” Taichi narrowed his eyes. “Wait a sec, I never made any appointment.”

Vademon… tentacled his oversized head closer. Taichi wrinkled his nose at the putrid stench wafting downwind – sulfur and a whisp of charcoal.

“I am going to activate my trap-door entrance now. Please remain where you are or I shall incinerate you.”

Taichi threw a glance over his shoulder, only now noticing the conspicuous DANGER! Turn back or you’ll end up with more holes in you than swiss cheese and We did warn you, sucker! signs jutting out from crevices in the rocks. He had to learn to take a hint. “Couldn’t you just say, ‘You shall not pass!’ or ask about the air-speed velocity of swallows, or something?” he asked with a longsuffering sigh.

Then he ran for his life.

Link: [For Every Action]